Spotlight Events

Game with the Creator!
Play your favorite game—or play a new one—with the folks who help make them!
Brett Myers (Nanuk)
Cam Banks (Cortex System)
Caz Granberg (Covert Generation)
George Hrabovsky (Borigon)
Jason L Blair (Little Fears Nightmare Edition)
John Kovalic (Out of the Box Games)
JonMichael Rasmus (Cineplexity)
Lester Smith (Dark Conspiracy: Minion Hunter)
Monica Valentinelli (Aletheia)

Paint & Take Minis!
Learn the art of painting miniatures in this event sponsored by Reaper Miniatures. You get to keep your miniature!

World of Darkness LARP!
A World of Darkness LARP will be held in the beautiful courtyard at the center of the hotel.

Classic gaming lives on! The folks at Madison Traditional Gaming will be there running original-era fantasy game events.

Wall of Board Games!
Sit down with friends old and new and play one of the many board or card games that will be available from our lending library.

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