Food & Beverage Policy
Water will be provided during the event. Restaurants and grocery stores are within walking distance though the site policy asks that no outside food be brought into the venue.

Note: No alcohol is allowed in the banquet room during the event.

Children Policy
Children are welcome at the event—especially if someone is willing to run a child-appropriate event!–but if you bring your child(ren), there needs to be a dedicated caretaker for them at all times. The events are short so if you and your partner want to tag-team rustling the youngsters, that’s no problem! One can play an event while the other tends to the kids and then you can switch roles for the next event. We want everyone to have fun.

Smoking Policy
Madison Games Day is a non-smoking event. If you want to smoke, you may do so outside.

Behavior & Expectations
The point of this is for everyone to have fun so be polite and considerate. If anyone fails to do so, they may be asked to leave.

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