Madison Games Day 4 – Success!

Madison Games Day was a huge success!

Folks started coming in right at opening, filling tables and playing games all the way to midnight. Todd Jensen repped Rio Grande Games and kept the dice rolling and cards flipping like a champion. Game with the Creator! was well-received and the Reaper Miniatures-sponsored Paint & Take Event was a lot of fun for everybody.

We’re really happy with how the day went. A HUGE THANKS to everyone who made it, who played and ran games or just dropped by to show support!

We have a lot of ideas for making Madison Games Day 5 even better and we hope you’ll continue to keep Madison the best gaming city in the USA!

2 thoughts on “Madison Games Day 4 – Success!”

  1. Games Day 4 was awesome, as they all have been..

    I look forward to Madison Games Day 5, and hope that it is soon

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